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A place of safety,
a space for change,
& an invitation to       .


In a world marked by chaos, confusion, pain and emotional burnout, it's challenging to find a place to experience true rest for our souls.


The Resting Place was birthed out of a desire to provide a safe space for you to come as you are and gain a deeper understanding of your God-given identity through counseling, healing and restoration.

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Lake Landscape


The mission of The Resting Place is to provide a place of safety, healing and transformation through compassionate counseling, healing retreats, conferences & workshops in East Tennessee. 

Our Therapist


Licensed in Tennessee




As the owner of The Resting Place, LLC and primary therapist, it is important for you to know and understand my heart and my passion for the counseling process before embarking on this journey together.

My passion for this work started at the age of 19 while doing an internship in Australia. It was there that I was introduced to a young child who had experienced significant trauma. Little did I know, my interaction with him would vastly change the trajectory of my life.  I was heartbroken over the pain he had experienced and knew I had to do something to change the story for others. I remember calling my mother and telling her, "Not on my watch!  Something has to be done. I have to do something." From that point forward, God has had me on the path of guiding others in healing and transformation.  


With over 15 years of training and experience working in a variety of clinical settings, I have had the honor of witnessing many find freedom from cycles of pain and trauma as they've walked through the transformation process. I believe every individual deserves the right to find hope and healing, living the life God intended for them. It's from this belief The Resting Place was established.   


I approach counseling and therapy from a wide range of clinical experience. My work as a therapist has primarily focused on areas specific to trauma (childhood and adult), grief and loss and complex trauma impacting women (postpartum depression, infertility and loss during pregnancy).  In addition to these, I have also had the opportunity of walking alongside those experiencing depression, anxiety and struggling with life transitions, as well as providing supportive counseling to couples and families.   


Having had experience in these various settings, I currently specialize in providing couples counseling and therapy focused on supporting women navigate life's challenges. Regardless of your need, it is my desire for you to be embraced with compassion in a space of sacred trust and safety where freedom can be found. I believe a relationship with God is an essential piece to lasting transformation, healing and change; however, I respect where each person is in their beliefs and allow clients to decide whether they would like counseling to be faith-based.  


If I have the honor of engaging with you on this path, I commit to holding an authentic space where you feel seen, heard and understood. Together, we will identify your needs and goals and will discuss next steps forward based on your pace and comfort level.  


I look forward to connecting with you!


Start your healing journey today!

you were created for more!
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